What to think when you’re thinking?

I have always expressed how strongly I believe in the power of mindset. I can quote gurus like Steven Covey, Robin Sharma, Seth Godin and many of my mentors on the subject.

This post is to further elaborate my thoughts about it.

The Truth

This works at many levels. First is, human insight. The right mindset is the belief that you need to understand the deep human TRUTH behind behaviors and not just take them on face value or statistics. I believe that this is at the core of all communication design.

Second is believing in the power of ‘TRUTH-well-told’ and also believing in the destructive power of uncalled-for exaggeration.

Also, equally important is believing that the problem you are about to solve, is ‘Worth Solving’. Why do I place this under Truth, well because if you don’t believe in what you are selling, that’s not exactly the truth, is it! Hence, to walk the talk, I don’t work for tobacco brands despite them being hot clients for brand activation.

"The difference between lying and story telling is that the listener knows it’s a story, yet still wants to hear it"

The Courage

In layman terms, the opposite of a creativity mindset is ‘fear’! I mentioned in my last post that ‘getting excited’ and ‘approaching ideation as an exploration’ works best! If you dig deeper, the spirit of discovery and super excitement actually liberates you from the burden of ‘Getting it Right’.

And any lateral thinker would agree when I say that a great brainstorm session is like making a series of mistakes until you get it right! The same route is taken by inventors also in many cases.

More on this and ‘Directed Distraction’ later inshallah!

#Ideas #truth #foodforthought

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