Interview With Amir Altaf

We sat down with Amir to ask him three key questions as part of our journey to get inspired and spread their inspiration.

Aamir is an experienced and passionate marketer. Over the past 12 years he has worked on challenging assignments in South Asia and Middle East with industry leaders including Mobily and Nestle. Currently he is the Head of Marketing for Nivea in Saudi Arabia.

Q1: What inspired you to become a marketer? (Was it a plan, an accident, a great teacher, an idea…don’t hold back, we want the whole story!)

"I have always been an entrepreneur

and marketer at heart."

As a kid I used to put together chart topping mix-tapes in exchange for free cassettes from a neighborhood music store.

During my college days, I was involved in number of team sports which inculcated in me the value of leadership, which meant motivating the team by marketing intangible benefits of winning. Though I opted for Computer Science as my undergrad major, I was always more enthusiastic about selling and marketing ideas. That was the reason I finished by education by opting for an MBA degree from LUMS, one of the top business schools in Pakistan.

An internship with Nestle during the MBA was a pivotal point in which I decided that I wanted to choose marketing as career. Since then, I’ve enjoyed every bit of it and I find myself most passionate when confronted with complex problems that require understanding of consumers, shoppers, customers, and competitors to come up with a solution.

Q2: What single trend, you think, is going to be most important for marketing in Saudi Arabia in the next 5 to 10 years? (Inspire us with the what, why, who and how of your answer)

With the way things are changing and expected to change in the next decade, the single most important thing for marketers will be a deeper understanding of Consumers and Shoppers.

With micro-segmented shoppers and consumers, rapidly evolving buying behaviors and an increasingly digital media scape, marketers will have to really sharpen their focus, and that can only be done with better understanding.

Technology and data will surely play a big part, but marketers will have to get a stronger understanding of the emotions of their consumers and shoppers.

Q3: Pick one; On brand but less creative OR Off brand but very creative.

On brand but less creative

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